How to Make the Best Choice Possible When Deciding Which Windows to Install In Your House

Choosing windows for your home can be very stressful, as the windows can make or break the look of a house. And, once you decide on which windows and install them, there’s no going back. This is why the very first thing you should consider is style. There are so many styles available, and certain styles look better than others on each and every house. Some work better for certain rooms. Below are the different styles of windows:

Double hung: Traditional double hung windows are ideal for just about any room. They feature two sashes that slide vertically and tilt-in for easy cleaning.
Sliding: Modern sliding windows have two or three sashes and slide left or right.
Casement: Casement windows are hinged on one side and open with a crank.
Awning: Hinged at the top and open outward. Often placed below larger fixed windows to allow for ventilation.
Picture: Picture windows don’t open but provide maximum viewing and natural light.
Bay: If you’re looking for a dramatic view, bay windows are a good choice. Three windows extend from an exterior wall, with the middle window typically being fixed, and two operable side windows.
Bow: Bow windows also open up any room to the outdoors. Four or more windows form a curve, and the windows can be fixed or operable. 
Garden: Garden windows are often found in kitchens and project out from the home to allow the perfect amount of sunshine to filter through the four sides for growing plants or spices.
Hopper: Hoppers are your typical basement windows. They are hinged at the bottom and open inward at the top.

Performance of the windows is very important. You do not want windows that are leaking, hard to open and shut, won’t lock, or just in bad shape in general. If your windows possess any of these traits, you should replace them. When thinking about the performance of new windows, here are some terms that you should know:

Glass: Double or triple panes of glass with gas fills offer up to nine times the insulation of single-pane windows, while the right Low-E option helps maintain the temperature of your home.
Energy Efficient: U-Factor, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, and Visible Light Transmittance all combine to make sure your windows are as energy efficient as possible, saving you on heating and cooling costs.
Sound Resistant: Keep the sound of your neighbor’s barking dog outside with sound-control windows.
UV Resistant: UV rays can damage your carpet and upholstered furniture. Look for windows that provide coatings to prevent those harmful rays from ruining your interior.

Design is extremely important when it comes to windows. Therefore, you should select ones with fine details that way they will really tailor to your personal style, and the style of the home in general, whether it be classic, modern, traditional, or bold. You can always find a window that will match the house. You should be selective when choosing the colors. There are a wide variety of interior and exterior colors for window frames and trims. If you are looking for elegance, you’ll want to go with designer glass. Perhaps a round window will suit a space better than the typical rectangle; or, a quarter round may work better. It will all depend on the home. You should choose hardware that goes well with the windows. 

The most common choices for window materials are aluminum, vinyl and wood. You should consider the benefits and downsides of each type before making your selection. A great choice for the materials is vinyl replacement windows. Some of the benefits to this material include that they are non-conductive, durable, easy to maintain, inexpensive, last for years, and can be easily customized to match the style of your house.

When window shopping (pun intended), style, performance, design and material all play a major role in your windows. Decide what you want in your windows, and then be sure that the one you choose checks all (or at least most) of the boxes. Happy window hunting!

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  • Whatever you do, stay true to the natural architecture of the home. What you do not want are windows that look completely out of place. Windows are actually one of the most important architectural details of a home. Don’t ruin it!

  • So true. Some people just literally don’t know what they’re doing and pick what they like. Its as if history doesn’t even concern them. You can’t put regular plastic-cased windows on an 1800’s home for example.

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